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T. E. Lawrence to his mother


I have been what they call 'Fire Picquet' this last 8 days: that means I have had to stay in camp all the time, with six others. Since Friday we have been almost the only people here: for Easter is our big holiday. I have been working at the Odyssey, and have roughed out Book 8. That is good. No other news: the bicycle is getting rusty: so am I, I fancy. If tomorrow is fine I may run out in the evening and buy some stamps and notepaper, both of which are running short. I shall be glad when summer time gives us longer evenings.

This is a noisy hut. It has been pleasant to have four quiet days: and I think I have turned them to good account, so far as Homer is concerned.

This place is good. I like it: but to get to Plymouth (only 300 yards crow-fly) is four and a half miles of bad road! The local papers are making their usual fuss over me: I hope they will get it over soon.


Source: HL 376
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 14 February 2006

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