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T. E. Lawrence to Edward Garnett



There, the address is easier than the usual Air Force address. I like the look and feel of the little place, too; but the cold is killing: just that.

I could not deliver Lady Chatterley to you, though I tried twice: and I didn't post it, not feeling sure of the little mountebank. You may be evil-seen by him.

So eventually I dumped it on Garnett III, who has promised to return it you. I liked spots of it: but the whole hadn't very much meaning for me. Of course it is outside my particular experience - thank the Lord.

As for The Mint*: that too I dumped on G. III (why use him as an angel, I wonder?) who knows F.L. Lucas and thinks him a good critic. Incidentally he has written some V.G. poems, lately published by the Woolfs.

Maurice Baring asked if he might see The Mint. I agreed vaguely. The word can be carried away on the breath of the wind, as Homer would say, if you do not wish to hear it! I am neither for it nor against it.



*which Dawnay dumped on me on Sunday last - no, Sunday week!

Source: DG 643
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Last revised: 20 January 2006

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