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T. E. Lawrence to R.D. Blumenfeld

14 Barton Street
Lonon S.W.1.


Dear Blumenfeld

I got ticked off by the Air Ministry, and told that I'd get the sack if I saw any more newspaper people - So since this I've been sort of paralysed. Thank heaven the subject of me has blown over for the present. I wonder what the next spasm will be about.

It was very good of you to see [name omitted]. A poor thing, I think. The fighting services haven't done very well, in political chiefs. However this remark is insubordinate, too. So I'd better shut up. They are sending me to Plymouth in a few days. I think the getting into camp again will be lovely.

More thanks,


T.E. Shaw

Source: DG 642
Checked: dn/
Last revised: 20 January 2006

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