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T. E. Lawrence to Henry Wiliamson

Extracts, 44 words omitted

[11 December 1928]

Thank you for Rutter's books on Mecca and Medina. They are most modestly good: very human, and fair, and fresh. The entire absence of great-mindedness is very charming. I wonder who he is? Some very queer fish, probably, who has lived for a long while on the wrong side of the world.

- - -

You say The Pathway is unhappy stuff. Well, so is all my writing. Let not us impotents be shy of our impotencies, behind the licked envelopes of letters.

- - -

You'll laugh to hear that I still pick up Tarka often, read a few pages, and lay it down. I find it holds more than I thought, even at first: and what I said the first time was 'pemmican': a variety, I’m told, of pressed beef.

- - -

The public pressure on you to write another book before you feel inclined to think of a pen seriously, must be horrid.

Extracts, printed in Genius of Friendship out of sequence, but in the correct sequence here. Full text, 192 words, in Letters Vol. 9 p. 57.

Source: GOF 21, 22
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Last revised: 4 July 2006

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