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T. E. Lawrence to Bruce Rogers



Dear B. R.

Your letter came yesterday. I can't answer it today, when the post goes. It is very wholesomely long, wants thinking over. This note is only to say that I will accept the very good terms and conditions you have made for me. You have been exceedingly careful of my interests and liberal towards my pocket.

I'll write in the ensuing week to Emery Walker (whom I don't know, of course: it's rather a shock to address public monuments like him and yourself and find them speaking back!) accepting his letters and promising to produce the instalments as soon as I can. You will not find me difficult about roofs, or a person who corrects much. Pike, who re-composed the Seven Pillars, from the galleys which the Monotype Co. sent in, was a jewel of a compositor: he used to alter and re-arrange the words in my sentences, so as to make them fit the pages and lines. Therefore I had no trouble at all. What the author writes is like a bar of soap; you can cut it off anywhere, and it's all soap, all through.

The only addition I'll make to your draft is to add a clause in which the publishers (and yourself as copyright owner for possible publication elsewhere) agree not to publish my name (any of my names!) in conjunction with this English edition, anyhow, without my permission, while I live.

Post is going: and I'm going - into the air.

Till next week


T E Shaw

Source: BR1 [22-23]
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 5 July 2006

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