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T. E. Lawrence to his mother

338171 A/c Shaw R.A.F.


This will be a note only. Very late, and working hard, doing some photography (developing and printing) as well as my office job, owing to the photographer going ill. Your letter to here came on Sunday.

Yes, I think I shall like this place: though they talk of bringing me back to Peshawar. I hope not: this is quieter: and we are not allowed outside the fort walls, so that I have not to imprison myself.

Philby is embittered, by not having succeeded politically. I got all I wanted, and so can afford to be kindly towards him. That angers him worse. A very nice fellow, but queer: very queer. Short of money, now, I believe. I'm glad you met Mrs. Shaw. It's very hard to be a great man's wife. She succeeds with it. I like her. Hope you'll meet G.B.S. some time. He is like a tonic: and very kind. A most sensible, vigorous old man. The Chingford people want to buy all Pole Hill, and exchange it, with the forest people, for some strips of forest, in the village, which they would like to make into roads and things. I do not feel inclined to help them: and I doubt whether they will attempt forced purchase. Don't worry about Arnie's baby. I think Arnie hopes to get his new book adopted as a text-book. They are profitable things.

I'm glad Leeds has got the Museum. Lots of people grudged it him.

I'm doing the office job which used to be done by a clerk here: a lot of typing, and that sort of thing. Enough, but not too much for each day. The first date I can come back is the early summer of 1930: and that only if this film gets itself over next year.


Source: HL 374-5
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 12 February 2006

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