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T. E. Lawrence to his mother



Thank you very much for the razor blades. That is two or three years' supply in hand, and should carry me through, however long I stop out here. Fortunately the weather has turned a little warmer, now, so that I feel happier. That chill in the morning and night air is a detestable feeling. Karachi is comfortable, in summer.

Please explain to Menon that the Seven Pillars was printed in a limited edition, and at a very high price, just so that it should not be read. I have no wish ever to lend anyone a copy, and I entirely disapprove of other people lending their copies about. Fortunately the book has so increased in value that every copy is now kept under lock and key, and I suspect their circulation will entirely cease. The only reason it was printed was to get the illustrations reproduced. It is not for the public. Explain, please, also to him that I do not leave camp. Incidentally Indians aren't allowed into camp, so he will not be able to see me if he comes up here. People are a nuisance. They will not understand that I have no intention of continuing the acquaintances I had before 1914. That part of the business is finished. I am a different person, now: and live with the Air Force, a class of man that didn't exist before the war. Eliot, my London solicitor, is a very decent fellow, and has done his book business very well. He and Robin Buxton manage the affairs of Revolt in the Desert between them. It has been selling fairly in Sweden and Germany, of late: but I hear little of it.

The film is a misfortune, but it was bound to occur, sooner or later. I hope it will be a bad film, I think it will be. They hope to finish it this year, apparently, and are talking of doing it in Palestine! I wonder if they realise how hard it will be to arrange it there.

I have lately read Arnie's sculpture book. It is good. The writing is better than the art-criticism, I fancy. He might have a success with some book on a non-technical subject.


Source: HL 373
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Last revised: 12 February 2006

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