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T. E. Lawrence to Mrs Thomas Hardy


16. 2. 28

Dear Mrs. Hardy,

I'm afraid I wrote you a very poor letter, the day I heard that T.H. was gone. But just then the news struck me almost as a triumph. He had kept it up to the very end: and was through with an existence he had not highly valued. It may be rest, afterwards: whereas for you I could only see present sorrow, and a sense of want. So I was sorrier for you than for myself: indeed hardly sorry for my own loss, at all.

Since then of course I've been reading The Dynasts, and I can feel that there is a very great thing gone from my reach. T.H. was the most honourable stopping place I've ever found, and I shall miss him more and more. I wonder if you will be like that: or if time will make the being alone easier for you.

Yours ever

T E Shaw

Mrs. Shaw, who was at the Abbey, sent me a wonderful account of it. I expect you saw and heard nothing. These bodies of ours are very tiring silly things.

Source: DG 578
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Last revised: 27 February 2006

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