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T. E. Lawrence to Ernest MacKay

RAF Depot
Drigh Road


Dear Mackay

They came back in great form, delighted with themselves, and the objects of general envy and admiration.

I am sorry they stayed so long. It was a tax upon the kindness of Mrs. Mackay and yourself. However you have acquired merit. If the Recording Angel has not made the due entries on your conduct sheets, please call me as witness.

They told me that you still hoped I'd make a chance to run up: but I fear it is out of the question. Unless the R.A.F. order me to move. I intend to stay within the bounds of this camp for the duration of my spell in India. After all, a year has passed. There cannot be more than four to do... and there may be only two.

Do you see that Woolley has found some more gold stuffs? Drugs, horrid drugs, in the eyes of archaeologists... but how the public gape after these things. Full pages in the Illustrated. You have Tutankh to thank for the new status of archaeology. Woe's me, I suppose I'll never dig anything again.

However, put me back in England and you can keep your East!

With best regards,

Yours ever

T. E. Shaw

Incidentally they returned me your Parsifal, thinking it was mine! We are getting it ready for return... trying too, to find something as big and strong to go with it!



Source: DG 566-7
Checked: dn/
Last revised: 6 January 2006

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