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T. E. Lawrence to William Rothenstein



Dear Rothenstein,

Hot foot by the next mail appeared The Enemy! Wyndham Lewis has done it very well: much better than The Lion into Fox, which was a falling short after The Art of Being Ruled. [4 lines omitted]

But on people like Pound, and Gertrude Stein, and Joyce he's extraordinarily interesting. I wish he would let himself go properly over the whole area of modern letters, and tell us where he places D.H. Lawrence, and Forster, and Graves and Sassoon and all the rest of the people who write. There is so much being written, and so few guides to help occasional visitors to books through the masses of them.

However perhaps he will carry it on. If The Enemy is successful it may encourage him to branch out into criticism. I take it his creative side, which produced Tarr so long ago, had dropped off withered.

It was very good of you to send it out. Don't you think the cover-design, the Tartar horseman, very beautiful?



Source: DG 516
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Last revised: 9 February 2006

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