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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to A. W. Lawrence



I wonder if they have reached England by now: or if they have stopped (it would be wise, climatically) for a few weeks in the Rhône valley on their way up from Marseilles. And I wonder in what mind they will reach England, and where they will settle to live. It struck me, thinking it over, that some such place as Dumfries or Edinburgh might please them. London does not care for the things they care about, and the solidity of parts of Scotland might appeal to Bob. Mother, herself, was always Scotch in inclination. You might suggest it to them, as a chance idea of mine. I am sure that neither London, nor any of the usually-considered-habitable parts of England, will suit.

Possibly Mother will be visiting Dr. James, my very adept dentist. If so, please ask her to commend me to him, with the message that his most artificial masterpiece, my mouth, still stands superbly. It cracks nuts. Yes, I'd like to see your book: and can send back the copy, after reading, if that would be convenience to you. If it stays here, it may lose itself. I'm not responsible for my books: they are at a premium, in camp. No, I have no interest (financial) in the sale of the Seven Pillars pictures: and no control over the disposal of the profits of Revolt.

Hogarth is one of the three step-parents of Revolt. They say it has sold almost riotously. So much the better. I like G.B.S. He is still in the saddle, and able to fight, after 20 years of glory. Few victors survive so long. Mrs. S. is also good. She refuses to be his shadow. Wives of great men have a hard life.

Alonso de Contreras? Never heard of him. His name makes me wish for a copy of Don Quixote!



Source: HL 365-6
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 12 February 2006

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