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T. E. Lawrence to his mother



It is a long time since I wrote: for two months ago I broke my radius and the right arm has not been very fit for paper-work since. I was starting a car, and the starting handle flew back and hit my wrist on the second turn. The tip of the radius was cracked off, and the wrist dislocated. Now they have put it nearly straight again: but it still cramps me badly after a few minutes in one position holding anything small like a pen or knife. They say that in another month it will be quite fit; though I have lost the power of twisting my hand round very far. It goes about half way now.

Otherwise there is little to tell you, which I have not already said. I'm still very pleased with Cranwell, and am doing exactly what I was doing before. So that's well. My bicycle is rejuvenated, and runs splendidly. I had it overhauled while I was in splints, and it is very fast now: though I do not yet feel inclined to ride more than a hundred or so in the day. Your hot weather will be starting soon (and ours, I hope!): I'm sorry you do not like it. I used to find that the heat gave a delicious sense of weary peace to everything within my reach.

My private book is not finished yet. August probably. It has stood still lately, but I hope to start now. Cape is to publish a fraction of the story in March, 1927. His extra money has enabled me to put more pictures and luxury into the private edition.

Nothing else.


A letter - illegible -from Menon!

I will reply when I can: but have over 80 letters to write before I'm up to date.

Source: HL 361-2
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Last revised: 12 February 2006

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