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T. E. Lawrence to S. L. Newcombe

10. 3. 26.

My Lord Duke,

It is time for you to change your name once more. In 1920 Lawrence was current. In 1921 our names became Ross. In 1923 we changed to Shaw. What shall we become next year?

Hurry up and learn to read. I have written a book: a long book. One copy is to go to your father, since it says rude things about his face and character. One copy is to go to you: so that you shall know what your father is like. Your mother is not to have a copy. She knows more than that already. It is time for me to stop writing.

Your worm


This letter is intended for S. L. Newcombe, Esq. though I don't believe he can yet read writing.

Note. S.L. Newcombe, Lawrence's godson, was then aged six. The letter is written entirely in capitals apart from the postscript.

Source: DG 494
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 27 January 2006

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