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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to E. Palmer


News for you. Clouds Hill is to be evacuated in the early spring. April or May perhaps. You will be warned in ample time, and Robinson may help you in the taking-over board. There will still be a gramophone and some records there.

Our hut now has a little musical box: and E.M.F. advised me to the ownership of a new German firm's records (complete) of the Kreutzer and Spring Sonatas. They are magnificent. You will laugh with satisfaction to hear that nobody in B. Flight likes them... barring of course the last-joined A.C.II. However, his taste is the only one which concerns me. When I hear that you are my tenant they will be sent you for preserving.

I went down to Cambridge last Sunday, and there E.M.F. sat, large as life, but sad-looking, wasted almost, in another man's rooms in King's, the splendiferous college with the extra-splendiferous (and rather horrible) chapel. We talked about you and Middleton, and the world generally. M. writes more letters to him than you do. Then M. always was talkative.

I didn't dare ask about the Scarlatti piano scrap. Have you given it him? I don't want it sent by post, for it might break, and the Brunswick people will not be able to make any more, having lost the matrix. Do let him have it before Xmas, with our best regards. How is your new C.O.? Has B.B. gone, and is the R.Q. troubled? Any news of Jeffrey? He sent me a letter, which was as cold and correct as a fishes' kisses. (? a fish's kiss, a fish-kiss: fishes-kisses?...) Your Xmas plans? I had a great idea of some time in London, and was given the keys of a flat in Brook Street, off Berkeley Square. 'Very posh.' Unfortunately no leave was offered me. So I'm at Cranwell instead, general fatigues...  Crashed off the Brough last Monday: knee: ankle; elbow: being repaired. Tunic and breeches being replaced. Front mudguard, name-plate, handlebars, footrest, renewed. Skid on ice at 55 m.p.h. Dark: wet: most miserable. Hobble like a cripple now.


Your posting? a false alarm? presumably.

I've asked A.W.L. to plant trees round the hill-top… calling on you for Edkin's help if necessary, unless his own market gardener at Bournemouth plays up.

My respectful salutations to L/C Willis.

Source: DG 486-7
Checked: mv/
Last revised: 12 February 2006

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