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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to The Hon. Francis Rodd



Yes, I'm here now. A queer change from the richness and beauty and colour of Dorset. Lincolnshire is like a picture of a dead earth in green and grey. You feel the curve of the great ball in the wideness of all the local views.

The camp is good. Also the fellows: also the life. Mark me down for a further spell of quite happy existence. That also is an odd change, for I had made up my mind, in Bovington, to come to a natural end about Xmas, when the reprint of my book would have been finished. Here I am too content to work so hard, so it will not be ready much before March.

You don't really want one, you know. Thirty guineas is an absurd price. Wash out the idea. In return I'll put Haslam down for one. Rich men are fair game. He will have to send a cheque for £15.15.0. marked 7 Pillars Account: payable to T.E. Lawrence: to Manager, Bank of Liverpool and Martins, 68, Lombard Street, E.C.3.

I've got too many subscribers, so am very sticky over these last copies.

I'd like to turn up at your place, but I come to London so rarely. Lincolnshire is very far away.



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