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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Mrs. Thomas Hardy

R.A.F. Cadets' College,


Dear Mrs. Hardy,

You see, it has happened! Quite suddenly at the end: so that I was spared a visit of farewell. It is best to go off abruptly, if at all.

I never expected the move to be so drastic. Cranwell is not really near anywhere (nor is it anything in itself): and the disorder of falling into a new station is yet upon me. The R.A.F. is a home to me: but it is puzzling to find the home all full of strangers who look upon me as strange. My known past always rouses curiosity in a new station. Probably in a few days things will be comfortable.

Alas for Clouds Hill, and the Heath, and the people I had learned in the two years of Dorset!

Please remember me to Mr. Hardy, who is no doubt wholly taken up now in Tess. You have a good actress. I hope it will seem fitting both to you and the public. It is hard to please two masters.

You said to me that I might see that work of yours again, some time. Please don't forget that: though I can't seem either to read or to write in this noise.

Yours sincerely

T. E. Shaw

Source: DG 482
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Last revised: 8 February 2006

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