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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Edward Garnett

Clouds Hill


[7 lines omitted] You know, I expect, that they have at last revised their decision, and I am to be transferred shortly. My sense is of something ineffable: like ship Argo when Jason at last drew her up upon the beach; surely nothing but time and physical decay will uproot me now.

The first effect has been ten days' holiday off letters and proofs. I feel still longing for more rest, and would postpone all outward life if I could... but to leave the reprint unfinished would not lead to ultimate peace. People like Cape and the subscribers have put money into me, and I feel rather scrupulous towards them. So I suppose the old thing must go forward to its end, though it no longer matters. I've got the only thing I care about - or cared about: for in getting it the care is over.

Uxbridge, I suppose, next month or in September.



DG 479

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