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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Edward Marsh

Clouds Hill
Moreton Dorset

12. IV. 25

I waited till I'd seen old T. H. again (yesterday): to revive my memories of what he said. The old man never gives judgements upon live writers: so don't quote it. He would not talk to me if he thought I made notes.

Unfortunately a Mrs. [name omitted] butted in and spoiled my preparation. His memory for recent events is getting patchy: and it is no good springing a question upon him.

He said 'The Fables... oh yes... I thought they were excellent reading. Good.' Then he went on to talk of the rat which found oysters upon the sea-shore, and thought they were ships... and the quote from Rabelais. It was going to be quite worth reporting... and then this old hen butted in: and when she had stopped, and I asked again, he had forgotten that he had read the fables. The truth is that a film seems to slip over his mind at times now: and the present is then obscured by events of his childhood. He talked next of seeing Scots Greys in a public house in Dorchester drinking strong ale, whose fumes made him (aet. 6) drunken.

I'll try again in a fortnight or so. I generally see him every other Sunday

Many thanks for seeing Winston for me. If he moves upon S. Hoare, S. Hoare will run obediently: it is only his propriety which hates seeing me in the ranks. Pity it is Winston's Budget Season. I've been unlucky for two years now.


Source: DG 473-4
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