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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to R. V. Buxton


Dear Robin,

I went to Cape and offered him 125000 words (about 43%) of The Seven Pillars, with as many of the black and white illustrations as he wants (two, I expect, or three) for publication under another title in England and America in the spring of 1927.

He agreed, provisionally, and is working out a contract for my approval. Upon its signature (? a fortnight, since G.B. Shaw and others must see it before I commit myself) he will pay £1500 to my account, and a further £1500 after six months.

This seemed to me enough, so I've cancelled the sale of my books. I'd rather keep them than anything I've ever had. It pours money. A builder of Chingford offers me £3. 17. 6. a foot for 400 feet of my hill. I can put him off now, I think? The value rises year by year.

The R.A.F. are flirting with the idea of my return to them. I hope so. To be settled in May.

G.B.S. writes, offering to guarantee my overdraft!



Don't make any further hard efforts after subscribers. The Cape money will clear the Bank of my liability: and I'll expect to place the balance of 50 copies or so when the first batch have been sent out. Meanwhile any names which roll up will be welcome, of course.

Brough has brought out a new and most wonderful 'bike, which will do 112 m.p.h. so long as the tyres will stand it. I'm going to blow £200 of Cape's on that.

Yes, I know what you will say: - but I like the lovely things, and it's the money well lost.


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Last revised: 8 February 2006

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