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T. E. Lawrence to Robert Bridges

Clouds Hill


Dear Dr. Bridges,

Your letter was a great pleasure: and I'll call in hopes of finding you, when next I'm in the Oxford direction.

The motor-cycle is a glorious one: but I indulge it only when the weather is not misty, and the roads not wet. Consequently it is no good my giving notice of intended approach. Also even in fine weather my advanced age sometimes feels too advanced for a hard ride.

Sassoon's invention of your clavichord was genius: and everybody worth reading in England rejoiced to join him in giving it you. You had given them so much for so long that they felt their debts irksome: that is why they shrank from talking of them regularly.

I hope either Sassoon or Hogarth warned you that I'm in the army again: otherwise my khaki will seem disagreeable to you. Sunday, of course, is my free day.

Yours sincerely,

T. E. Shaw

Source: DG 471
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Last revised: 11 February 2006

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