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T. E. Lawrence to Mrs Thomas Hardy

Clouds Hill

[postmarked 12.11.24]

Dear Mrs. Hardy,

I've been in London for a long week end. Hence no reply till now.

By all means the Dress Rehearsal. There is a lordly sense about it... and I'll come most gladly - and to an ordinary performance too, for Palmer and myself have asked for tickets.

Once I met Barrie. He was very silent, and rather simple. Mrs. Shaw says he's very nice, as a human being. I think him detestable as an artist. She won't say yes or no to that. I haven't told him my view... and won't. So we will not fight on the hearthrug.

It's very good of you to ask me.

Yours sincerely,

T E Shaw

Source: DG 469
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Last revised: 23 July 2008

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