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T. E. Lawrence to R. V. Buxton

Clouds Hill


I've written to Compton Mackenzie. Didn't know you knew him. I've told him that the book isn't worth its price, and that if he thinks better of it you'll send back the £15.15.0. It's rather a compliment, his wishing to subscribe. What a gallery of them... him, Wells, Shaw, Walpole, Hardy. [15 lines omitted]

Kennington has been busy lately, over his monument, and an exhibition just opened at the Leicester Galleries. So I've left him alone for a month. Meanwhile the printing has reached page 55, in its penultimate form.  The final proof will be sent to you, in a few days, for you to look over. It's going to be an exceptionally fine edition.

Much fun lately with the copyright people, who ask for copies for the public libraries. I've replied regretting that circumstances prevent my complying with the Copyright Act. They are hopping mad: and pretend that perhaps I've made a mistake, and don't intend to defy the Act.  But I do: and will get away with it! It's a great thing to be a private soldier.


Hope to get up to London for the second week-end in November, and if that means Friday evening will try and find you.  Details later.

Cheque is from Edward Garnett Esq., 19 Pond Place, Chelsea London, S.W.3.

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Last revised: 11 February 2006

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