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T. E. Lawrence to R. V. Buxton

Clouds Hill


Dear Robin,

I don't like the lady's manner: will you please return her cheques (or replace them by a draft from the special account), with a polite note, that it is my hope to prevent her a double disappointment, since both the manner and matter of the book are, in my opinion, too frivolous for her commendation?

Cuthbert Headlam has written asking for a copy. I've replied begging him to consider seriously if his bank balance can't be better employed than acquiring luxury books. He's a nice creature, and must have one if he insists.

The printing is moving, Oh so slowly: but it moves, and such things gather momentum: it's the first page which costs... about £400 isn't it? However: if necessary we will sell 120 copies. I'm printing 200, so that there will be a powerful margin.

Did I tell you? Doubleday offers to do American edition (necessary for copyright reasons) for 1002 dollars. That's cheap. I'll try, by selling a copy there, to make it pay for itself. Eight copies perhaps in all must be printed in U.S.A. Doubleday will probably want two, Congress Library two: and that leaves four for sale. I'd like to fix 'em at 10,000 dollars each, so that the edition would remain, unexhausted, on offer in the firm's catalogue!



Source: DG 465-6
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Last revised: 10 February 2006

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