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T. E. Lawrence to Lionel Curtis

Clouds Hill


0 prophet, A raven told me of your troubles in Gayfere St. I was so sorry that I wouldn't add to them with a letter: they tell me that my letters aren’t gay things. That’s surprising, isn’t it? You’d expect Bovington’s slough to breed its opposite. However 'Completely recovered' is your last word. I'm very glad: but such suffering leaves a mark on the mind.

'Xmas? at Kidlington?' Well, you know, very wisely I deny myself holidays from camp: and I'm useful especially at festive seasons, since my habits enable me to take other people's duties while they enjoy. I told you about the others, last year: but perhaps not that I had done rations and coal-yard to set them free for their orgy. They will hope for my help again this time: and Xmas means something to them. My pernickety mind discovers an incompatibility between their joint professions of soldier and christian: is it that I attach a deeper meaning to either term?

Ave: . . .


I've written to Hartington too. Subscribers roll in for my book, which lately has been praised by H. G. Wells. Will you ever speak to me again?

Source: DG 465
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Last revised: ? February 2006

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