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T. E. Lawrence to Mrs. Thomas Hardy

Clouds Hill


Dear Mrs. Hardy,

E.M. Forster is coming to my cottage on Friday, to stay till Monday or Tuesday. Probably it is out of pity, to cheer me up. He would be shocked to know that I am pitying him, or rather his sojourn among the beetles and the fallen rhododendron-bloom.

Russell, Palmer and I will go up in turn to keep him company:- but we seem slender fare for a real novelist. So I wondered if you and Mr. Hardy could do anything. Of course it depends on your engagements - but if they are light, and if you feel inclined, and if it is good enough weather to tempt Mr. Hardy abroad, then tea at Clouds Hill on either Saturday or Sunday would be good for E.M.F. and a great honour and dignity for the house. It could perhaps be worked in with a visit to Oakers' Wood (if one is due): however anyway, there it is as a suggestion

The country is beautiful just now.

Yours sincerely

T. E. Shaw

Source: DG 460-61
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Last revised: 10 February 2006

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