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T. E. Lawrence to C. M. Doughty


Dear Mr. Doughty,

Acting on what Mr. Cockerell told me, I've asked one of its readers to send you my book on what happened to me in Arabia.

The format of it is repellent, and the small print hurts the eyes: but it wasn't meant to be read. I must apologise for the nature and tone of the book. My experiences in Arabia were horrible, and I put them down as they happened to me. Consequently the book is not fit for general reading. I've never asked anyone to read it... and do not expect you to do so. At the same time you are one of the people whose wishes I cannot refuse.

I hope Kent is still proving a fortunate home.

Yours sincerely

T. E. Lawrence

When The Seven Pillars are finished with will you post them to Mr. Shaw, Clouds Hill, Moreton, Dorset.

Source: DG 459
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Last revised: 10 February 2006

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