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T. E. Lawrence to Edward Garnett

Clouds Hill


But what a monstrous idea! My book is a tax, a levy, booty, from the ungodly rich. It is inconceivable that you should subscribe. A sheer waste of money. What do you want with the pictures? I'm keeping for you a copy of the plain text, a gift worth alas only a few shillings, but all that I can afford in my condition. You see I have to give many away, and can't give, can't even make a start of giving, the pictured edition. So I've compromised by stipulating on a number of copies of the plain text.

Yes, it will be revised, but only in petto. No good cuts or noble changes, no re-writing; just punctuation, and insect-blemishes removed.

It's good of you (i) to like The Terrapin.
                       (ii) to put Cape on to it.

I've never met the author:  and only glanced through the poem in typescript in a taxi. Augustus John possessed it then. It struck me in the face: and is, as you say, sensational enough to sell.  Full of echoes though.

Very busy: am quartermaster's storeman and clerk, and preoccupied much with the 'amazing convolutions of my mind'.


Source: DG 449-50
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Last revised: 10 February 2006

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