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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to A. P. Wavell

Clouds' Hill


Dear Wavell

[45 lines omitted] This place is like Rowton House without cubicles. Xmas night was like sleeping - or lying rather - in a public lavatory with choked drain... and it was even worse than the usual lavatory... for there seemed to be a heavy sea on, and all the habitués were in need of stewards with little basins. The old army, in my recollection, did at least carry its drink. Don't you agree?

Give my deepest regards to W.H.B. if ever you see him.

Yours ever


I wish Trenchard was a worm, for then I could ease myself by cursing him for kicking me out of the R.A.F. I wasn't my fault... or if it was I've atoned for it by now. However T. is one of the really great people, and so I have no vent for my spite anywhere... OTOTOTOI!!!!!

Note. W.H.B. - General Bartholomew, formerly on Allenby's staff. The passage DG omitted at the beginning of the letter is an explanation of the scheme for publishing a subscribers' edition of Seven Pillars. This duplicates the information in Lawrence's letter of 13 December to Robin Buxton.

Source: DG 449
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Last revised: 28 January 2006

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