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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his mother

Bovington Camp


Your letter from Shanghai got to me yesterday. I'm glad your trip is nearly finished, and that you have met Bob. Ocean voyages are nightmares in retrospect: and very tiresome experiences. You told me to write to Vancouver:- not to Shanghai: I did. Letters since have gone to Paoing. It isn't much good my writing frequently, since I have nothing to say. Some fellow in the camp took my Brough and crashed it: so that I have not been going about. Trenchard called me up to London twice, and on the first occasion I saw Mrs. D. at 2 Smith Square. She asked for your address in China: and I gave it her. Do you wish people generally to know that you are abroad?... just in case I meet anyone else. I saw old Hardy a month ago: he was well, and happy that his new play was over and done. My best address now is

T.E. Shaw
Clouds' Hill

It's a cottage, a half-ruined cottage, near camp, where I have a room for writing in. A pretty little place, and quiet: among trees, and opening on the heath. I have put some books in it.  Did I tell you that John had painted a splendid portrait of Hardy. Let me know if ever you feel the inclination for books or things. I can get into Bournemouth, often now, and buy them for you. They are employing me as a sort of half-clerk, half-storeman, in the battalion stores. A quiet life.


Source: HL 356-7
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Last revised: 9 February 2006

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