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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to D. G. Hogarth


I'll send back your drafts when I next write from the hut: this is being scribbled standing up elsewhere.

Curtis and yourself are considering the idea of 10 guinea subscribers. Buxton is seeing the chance of one hundred at 30 pounds. Cape is looking for a single millionaire at £3000. I'm waiting events.

One of the three alternatives may happen. In anticipation of it I've taken a cottage (at 2/6 a week) near camp, and fitted up a writing room in it. There I can revise my text, in about a twelve-month, allowing say 2 hrs average per day. More than this is too much. I've got into an 'employed job' here, which will keep me in camp a year or two. I can let you (or whoever edits) have the revised text a book at a time, gradually. The pictures will take about a year to do, I expect. So that the whole project may be complete within 18 months.

For the text I want your copy, the only one left in sheets. It can be replaced with a bound copy, if you wish it: though of course if the new text feels better I'll destroy all the six copies of the old one.

Saw Trenchard on Sunday. He said something about a month's leave for me. I said no, since returning here would be unpleasant after so long a holiday. The Army does not improve upon longer knowledge.

Clarendon Press might well print: I want Caslon eleven point or its nearest monotype equivalent.

The book's size is determined by the ready plates (10 x 8, I think it is, a large quarto, much that of the 1st Edition). If I can get it to 250,000 words it will go in one vol. of 450 words a page.


I should have written earlier, but things have been muddled.

Source: DG 439-40
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Last revised: 23 February 2006

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