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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Jonathan Cape


Dear Cape,

I think this is a coming thing, though you won't think it, the man being a poet and his work verse. Augustus John showed it me, and I think it very good. Man is 21, and a believer in Keats and Shelley and Moby Dick, with other influences visible:- but the thing is very good. He wants a publisher, so John told me, and I think it might pay you (especially is you covet the Heinemann succession) to write to him. Keep Aug. John also in mind. A John drawing would help the book, and J. is keen on the man: has painted him rather well.

About my own work. Buxton, my banker, holds to his 100 copies at £30: and is sounding about to see what names he can find. Curtis and Hogarth are exploring the region of £10.10.0. subscribers. So these are variant plans. The millionaire solution is easiest.

If you get that copy out of Garvin please let me know.



Note. In the first paragraph Lawrence is referring to The Flaming Terrapin, by Roy Campbell. Cape published it the following year.

Source: DG 440-41
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 28 January 2006

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