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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to D. G. Hogarth

Wed. 27.VI.23

I was rather expecting such an issue: so am not worrying. A commission is out of the question. My prejudice against exercising authority would prevent my becoming even an N.C.O.!

(By the way it was Hoare who first moved to get me out of the R.A.F.: Trenchard felt it not a big enough point to fight) As for the Navy, I asked Amery for it since I felt he might agree, and that the W.O. would not entertain the idea of admitting me. The contrary proved the case. I doubt whether there is a pin to choose between Navy and Tanks, and prefer the devil I know.

As for getting reconciled to Tanks... Well, I expected much of what I have received - and so discounted it in advance: and the reality of it is probably not worse than the reality of any other unit. It's only that the R.A.F. is so much better. However please leave things. Trenchard is not good to force - and has major worries. [5 lines omitted]


I feel I've explained myself so badly to you. Would Faust's phrase 'von allem Wissensqualm entladen' be any good? It's a like case.

Source: DG 426
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Last revised: 20 February 2006

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