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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Jonathan Cape


Dear Cape

It's a relief to me that there won't be a serialization if or when we think about publication. My present mood is contra... and my present engagement is for seven years, so that I'm independent, financially. The team of artists continue to draw heads for me. John's Hogarth, (now in his Alpine Club Gallery show) is the last and most splendid yet: but the two Spencers are working on two others which may be very good.

Bevan is an educational officer: and I've not met him. There have been a number of Tank Corps books, and his will have to be very good to justify itself.

Yes, I've made wills and things, leaving my book - all I possess now - to my young brother, who has agreed not to publish it unless he's faced with starvation! This is an improbable contingency, for he has £300 a year of his own, and is sober. I suggested to him 1950 as a suitable date to publish!

In these very uncongenial airs I've rather lost interest in the book: indeed I often forget that I wrote it, or acted the affairs of which it treats! With luck and time I'll believe myself to be Pte------ and not an ex-fellow of All Souls!

Thanks for the word about translating. I'd like to make however-few pounds, and it would be nice to play with words again. Squad-drill is a little heavy on the mind.

Yours ever

T. E. Lawrence

Source: DG 408
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Last revised: 28 January 2003

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