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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Eric Kennington



Dear K.,

You're a hero - a . . . . . ero they'd say in this place: which is Hardy's Egdon Heath. The Heath is good... and I saw Hardy yesterday: paid for seeing him too, for it meant cutting a parade! However it was worth it, and I'm going again, if ever he asks me. His weakness in character-drawing is a reflection of himself. A very sensitive little man: faded now: with hope yet that mankind will give up warfare. He felt incredibly old to me.

It's very good that you got Wilson, and got him well. He's the best type of colonial-governing-Englishman, would be broader if he wasn't so clean, too. I wish I could see it, but this place won't let us away till we finish our course (in August or September). Time is going very slow.

Will you look at Roberts' painting of me? it's heroic in size: and is in his hands. I'd like your opinion of it. It flatters me, I think.

John made some new drawings of me the other day, and one of Hogarth, for me. They may be in his new show at the Alpine. Hogarth was v.g.



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Last revised: 19 February 2006

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