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Updated June 2012


T. E. Lawrence to Jonathan Cape

14 Barton Street


Dear Cape

Glad you are back - I hope with good fortune from the States.

I can't call now. Nothing else showed up after I got the push from the R.A.F. so I've signed on with the Army for seven years, and am at a camp in Dorsetshire. There is a chance of their sending me to India in the Autumn, and if I get leave as a preliminary to that I'll drop in and see the firm.

Played you a dirty trick when you were away, by lending Garvin (at his request) one of the copies of the complete book. Consequence will be that the Observer won't deal again, if there is an again.

Would you give Garnett the cut-down copy of the thing? It was his work, and very well done, and he spent much vain time upon it, and I feel guilty in his sight.

Since you went I've received three more pictures - portraits - for illustrations to The Seven Pillars. It will be a really good show, when it comes out: if it comes out.

Nothing doing now, of course.

Yours ever

T. E. Lawrence

Source: DG 404
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Last revised: 28 January 2006

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