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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Kathleen Scott


How could I wish to see your statue of my brother, when I did not know that you had embarked on it? It was bold and long of you, and forms a sure reason why I must call again. Deplorable that is, for probably I'll have to come on Monday, which is tomorrow, and two calls so close are perilously near a habit: and there are no good habits (except riding habits): deplorable. If you had told me towards the end of the third hour of my last call, I would, by the news, have been levered gently out of your room down stairs as far as the studio: and as the studio is very cold (I know it, for I sat there blue-toed all one winter and estimated it) my delay in it would have been short, and you would have got to bed, not yawned stiff, at much your usual time. Kismet!

My most grateful thanks for your pumping of Shaw. I'm sorry that he was not critical. To me he would only say cryptic words, all of commendation. Those are nice, like chocolate éclairs or cream puffs, but not a meal. Mrs. Shaw praised even more than he did. I hung on until nearly four o'clock, but not even boredom would show through his courtesy, so that my curiosity came away unfed. My private opinion is that she's read it, and he hasn't: and can't: but is much afraid to shock her by letting on.

You want a copy! Unfortunately so do I. Of the six copies which exist only one has ever been returned by a borrower: and that copy was foolishly lent a second time, and hasn't come back. So as a fact I want six copies. Do you think D.G.H. would trust you with a loan of his? Shaw apparently won't: Kennington has lent his to Clutton Brock. Garvin has one. A colonel called Bartholomew in the War Office has one: and I forget where the sixth is. Horrible I call these people's morals. I'll have to send them bills.

No news from Amery yet: I've had other suggestions, but none poor enough for me to consider.

Don't really expect me tomorrow. The bike is out of order, momentarily, and any way I never do what I mean.


Source: DG 399-400
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Last revised: 19 February 2006

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