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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Herbert Baker


Dear H.B.

This is only a scrawl of reply to your Delhi letter - as I'm no writer, and the hope of meeting you soon dries up what little flow of words I have.

It was good of you to write: and better of you to lend my mother No.2 for so long. She enjoyed every minute of her stay there. She seemed to agree with Mrs. Donnett: my young brother stayed there for weeks, and I ran up several times a week, and that made Mother even happier, for she has the maternal instinct, and likes seeing such of her chickens as survive. It's odd, for we aren't a very satisfactory brood, motherly speaking:- but there's nothing accountable in our crew, Mother least of all. I'm at Farnborough, suffering many things just lately, and provoking my persecutors by laughing at them. It isn't quite so provoking as being meek - but I can't do the meek touch.

I'll come in again when I get a free afternoon. My regards to Mrs. Baker and to Anne.


Source: DG 389
Checked: jw
Last revised: 6 February 2006

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