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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Eric Kennington

14 Barton St.


Dear Kennington,

Your drawings all came down to the Colonial Office, where they had a tremendous success. The Department did no work for three days while the Office came and looked at them: and now the wives of the Office are constantly here in the dinner hour. It's very proper, and very good.

When they came there were about 27 of them. Some obviously not mine (including the Storrs) I've sent to Brown Phillips. [12 lines omitted]

I can't come anywhere now. Left the C.O. on Feb. 28 and have been there daily since: more happening than ever: and it's hopeless. Will you make me your chauffeur when you come home. I suppose about May? Fed up:



Source: DG 337-8
Checked: jw
Last revised: 6 February 2006

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