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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem

[second draft]

Colonial Office

My dear Bishop, Really! I had hoped that in the long delay since you first wrote you would have realised what you were asking. In effect you say that Dr. Kallon says that Dr. Weizmann said that I said something three years ago in Paris: that this something might ingeniously be held to reflect on you - and will I deny it!

Many odd remarks have been attributed to me in the last four years: but I have never denied any of them, because I never saw one worth denial: and this seems to me two-penny half-penny. Frankly I do not understand such sensitiveness on your part.

And you wish to send the letters to the press! That's your taste, not mine. I'd like to advise you not to issue a blank denial - it's a futile, sterile, incredible thing: nor would it be good play for you to give Dr. Kallon the benefit of your enviable publicity. In your place I'd either allow it to be stated that personally and officially you have supported the policy of the British Government in Palestine: or else I'd have it pointed out that your situation as Bishop precludes you from expressing public views on political matters. I confess to being ignorant on just how you stand on Zionism: but am sure that it is correctly.

If you are coming to England, as I suspect by the address you give me, then do drop in and see me some day - prefacing yourself if possible by a note, as my habits are as irregular as my handwriting with this awful pen. Believe me, Yours very sincerely,

T E Lawrence

Source: DG 343-4
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Last revised: 17 February 2006



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