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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Robert Graves

Grand Continental Hotel

Ap. 22 [1921]

Dear R.G.

A filthy pen, but a godsend since it excuses me writing much. I've just seen a review by Squire in the Mercury of your last book: but it's rot. I know you won't care much, but things people say about one generally stick in a little, in spite of denials: and the man has the face to call the book 'promise'. You know it isn't: it's fruit, ripe and splendid and as good as you can do. And while of course it isn't your last, yet it's easily your best to date, and something whose line you won't pass, as with time you'll change, and this earlier feeling will be out of your reach, backwards; so please don't try to be dramatic, or anything else: all's well.

Note: Squire's review suggested that Graves should try writing drama.

Source: B:RG 13
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Last revised: 8 February 2006

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