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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

Grand Continental Hotel

April 12, 1921

Back here in Cairo for two days: have been moving rapidly since I last wrote. We went from Cairo about March 25 to Jerusalem, stopping at Gaza on the way. Two days later I was driven over by car to Salt, across Jordan, where I met Abdulla, Feisal's brother, who drove back to Jerusalem with me. It was an amusing performance, for the people of Salt and Jerusalem were very enthusiastic and excited, and nearly mobbed the car in their anxiety to welcome Abdulla. From Jerusalem I went, on the 31st back to Amman by car, through Salt. The country across Jordan is all in spring, and the grass and flowers are beautiful.

On this side of Jordan the rains have not been very good, and things are too dry already.

Spent eight days in Amman, living with Abdulla in his camp. It was rather like the life in war time, with hundreds of Bedouin coming and going, and a general atmosphere of newness in the air. However the difference was that now everybody is trying to be peaceful.

On Saturday last I ran back to Jerusalem by car (it takes six hours from Amman) and on Sunday I went down to Ramleh, on the coast plain near Jaffa, where our aerodrome is, and flew with four machines to Amman. Abdulla had been longing for aeroplanes, and gave us a great reception and a large lunch. Then we went back to Ranileh, and I went up to Jerusalem to dinner. Next morning they drove me down to Ramleh, where another four machines took me in to Egypt: and here I have been yesterday and today.

To night I'm off to Jerusalem again, and after three days there to Amman, with Sir H. Samuel, who is going over to call on Abdulla, and who will probably stay two nights. Some of his party want to see Petra, so perhaps after that I'll go down there for a night or two to show them round. That ought to finish my jobs out here. I'll be very glad to get back. Would you tell Hogarth of my movements? I haven't written to anyone since I left, and he may be back by now. I am trying to buy him some bronze weapons from tombs on Philistine plain, axes and daggers.


Source: HL 353
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