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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his mother

Semiramis Hotel

March 20, 1921

We got here about a fortnight ago: and it has been one of the longest fortnights I ever lived: started about March 3, and went via Marseilles and Alexandria. Eight days out.

Here we live in a marble and bronze hotel, very expensive and luxurious: horrible place: makes me Bolshevik. Everybody Middle East is here, except Joyce and Hogarth. We have done a lot of work, which is almost finished. Day after tomorrow we go to Jerusalem for a week: after that don't know: perhaps home: perhaps I return to Egypt for a further fortnight.

Kennington has gone to Damascus. Can't tell you anything else. Have seen Allenby several times, he's very fit: Kennington drew him, and Ironside and me: wanted to draw Gertrude, but hadn't time.

We're a very happy family: agreed upon everything important: and the trifles arc laughed at.


Hope Arnie is better.

Source: HL 352-3
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Last revised: 5 February 2006

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