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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to Lady Scott

2 Smith Square, S.W.1.

2. 2. 21

Dear Lady Scott,

This is very sudden! Once I was 'portrayed in bronze' by Derwent Wood. I met it suddenly in the Academy, and felt like the man in Rossetti who met himself in a wood! But then perhaps he isn't very deep. Dobson seems to me better. Once I played with stone and clay myself and dreamed of doing something: and the war spoiled it. So you'd find me critical.

Seriously if you want an object, I'll agree with pleasure: only it won't be a good speculation: it won't sell afterwards: and my face isn't so-to-speak virgin. John did it, as you say (though I liked the larger, full-faced one: the clothes were beautifully painted, and the face can't be worse than the truth): also D.- Wood: and Orpen: and now Rothenstein: really the features are quite worn away with so much study of them.

If you do do it, please hold me as a model, and not as 'the most romantic figure of the war' (American film-artist). I'm tired of the lime light, and am really not stagy at all, and not ever going to be a public figure again. It was a war effort, imposed, involuntary. Don't do me as Colonel Lawrence (he died Nov. 11. 1918) but because my shaped head suits your whim.

All this sounds very vain and silly. To be earthy again: am off tomorrow (wherefore this sudden haste to reply) till Tuesday. Could come Wed. morn: Fri. morn: or the week after: but won't unless on reflection you write here again and tell me you do really want it. That gives you three days to think it over. Probably start for Palestine Feb. 28.

Apologies for this long stupid screed,

yours sincerely

T E Lawrence

Source: DG 325-6
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 26 January 2006

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