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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to S. F. Newcombe

All Souls College,

Nov. 16 [1920].

Dear S.F.N.,

I came down last night and found masses of overdue letters: amongst them several of yours. The last should have been fire and brimstone: instead they showed forth an over-angelic sweetness of reason, which has prostrated me. It's no good writing to me at all: neither fair treatment nor foul move me to answer soon enough.

Your article I took up to London very quickly: as soon as I could after I got it. Morning Post I don't touch: it seems to me not sane. So there remained the Daily Telegraph. I tried to get Lord Burnham, but failed (He was away in country). So then I left it for him, with an explanation.

I don't read the paper, so I don't know on what date it appeared: judging from the two enclosed, it must have been last month. I don't like writing to ask when, because it would show that I don't every day lap up the food he offers. I take it the cheque was sent me for their convenience: and because I forgot to give them your address. I wish I had got it sooner, and that I had noted the day on which the article appeared.

I've signed the effort (the cheque) to facilitate your cashing it. I believe that is how things are done.

A sentence in your 3rd-letter-from-the-last troubles me: it concerns those beastly carpets. Has Mrs. Newcombe understood that carpet No. i. is her commission for retrieving them from Arab Bureau?

Carpet No. ii. is my instalment of wedding present, pending the receipt of a new fortune from some unspecified but overdue quarter.


Pour les Irish: only one horrid word
You can't make war upon rebellion.


Note. The Daily Telegraph article published Newcombe's article on 30 October 1920, but attributed to Lawrence.

Source: DG 321-2
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Last revised: 22 January 2006


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