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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family



I wonder if you can find this place:- it's out in the desert between Deraat and Amman - and if you do find it you will think it a most improbable place to live at. Living however is quite easy and comfortable here. We are in an old fort with stone roofs and floors, and stone doors of the sort they used in Bashan. It is a bit out of repair, but is improving in that respect every day. I do not know what its postal arrangements are like: at least they begin with about ten days on a camel of mine, and after that the ordinary risks of letters now-a-days. Your chances of getting it are therefore a little thin, it seems to me. I go on writing and writing and it has no effect: every letter I get from you says that you have not heard from me since last time: very disheartening, since writing is always a risk (if our friends get this letter they will pay me a visit) and often difficult. Meanwhile it is restful. I am staying here a few days; resting my camels, and then will have another fling. Last "fling" was two railway engines. One burst into fragments, and the other fell on the first. Quite a successful moment! If you see a note in print saying that "A detachment of the N. army of Sherif Feisul etc." Then that's me... the rest is anonymous. In case my last three letters have fallen through, please tell Arnie that his plan is excellent. I told the people concerned in Cairo, and either Mr. Hogarth or myself can get it arranged quite easily if the time comes. Personally I don't expect it will, but I always was an optimist. I wonder if Gillman could make me another pair of brown shoes? There may be regulations against export, so he should find out first. I do not often wear shoes, but they come in handy sometimes in reserve. I sent you a cheque for £300 some weeks ago, and asked for Janet's address? Did you get them and if not will you let me know?

There, this letter has been 3 days in writing, and I have done all the rest of the work meanwhile.

T. E. Lawrence

Source: HL 342-3
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 9 January 2006

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