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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family



Got a letter of August 9 from you, which shows you never got a letter I sent you some time in July (12th I think) telling you what had happened on the way to Akaba. As a matter of fact it was a poor sort of letter, because I was rather doubtful how much to say. Either I said too much, or the ship sank.

I'm now off for a trip inland, lasting for about 3 weeks I expect, so this is the end of letters for the time being: indeed it's only as camels are late that I can write this anyhow. Since July 10, when I got to Egypt from Akaba I have been to Wejh, Jidda, Yenbo, Akaba, up country, back to Egypt, to Alexandria, up to Akaba again, up country, back, and am now going up again - So you see it is a mobile sort of life, this.

Tell Mother they asked for that twopenny thing she likes, but fortunately didn't get it. All these letters and things are so many nuisances afterwards, and I'll never wear or use any of them. Please don't, either. My address is simply T.E.L., no titles please.

In reply to Father's query, yes, I have boils, lots of them. They began in March, and will go on till I have time to get to Egypt and be inoculated. Only I am usually too rushed in Cairo to get anything of my own done. Am very fit and cheerful enough when things are not too hectic. Going up country is always a relief, because then there is only one thing at a time to do. Is Elsie Hutchins married? I have had a letter signed Elsie, and think it must be from her. Will you get me Janet's address again, I've lost it. Cheque enclosed for £300. Will you ask Father to invest it for me? I can't do anything out here: Ask him to put it in the most obvious thing, without troubling himself - or keep it, if you want money.

Am off now.


Source: HL 339-40
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 9 January 2006

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