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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence, abstract of instructions given to Nessib el Bekri at Kaf on June 18th, 1917

I. Arrange an Intelligence Service with resident agents in Damascus, Deraat and Amman, to collect Military information.

2. Reconcile the Druse leaders to one another.

3. Get into touch with the Druses of Hasbeya and the Lebanon: also with the Metowala of the Jebel Amr and the Belad Bishara (using Sidi Nasir's name), and re-assure the Maronites of the area on the nature of the Sherif's administration in the future.

4. Get in touch with the Ghawarineh of Lake Huleh and Merj Ayum.

g. Send Zeki Effendi to Leja, to examine the roads and water supply.

6. Send me an estimate of the needs of the Druses in warlike stores.

7. Discuss with Nun the elimination of the Circassian colonies of the Nugra and Kuneitra.

8. Approach some of the chief Baalbek Metowila and find out what they are prepared to do.

9. Prepare the villagers of J. El Sheikh, J. El Shergi, and J. Kalamun.

10. Get on speedy terms with the Bishr.

Source: DG 230-31
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 9 January 2006

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