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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

Arab Bureau
Savoy Hotel


Am back in Cairo, though only for a few days. Left Yenbo about a fortnight ago, for Um Lejj, by sea. Landed at Urn Lejj and came up by land to Wejh, which we took without fighting. A landing party from the ships had practically done the work the day before. I snatched a week's leave, to come up here and buy some things, before going off to Sherif Feisul again. As I have not had any letters lately (due to my moving about, and the difficulty of posts in the Red Sea) I cannot answer any particular questions. Things in Arabia are very pleasant, though the job I have is rather a responsible one, and sometimes it is a little heavy to see which way one ought to act. I am getting rather old with it all, I think! However it is very nice to be out of the office, with some field work in hand, and the position I have is such a queer one- I do not suppose that any Englishman before ever had such a place. All of which is rather tantalising reading to you, because I cannot enter into details. I act as a sort of adviser to Sherif Feisul, and as we are on the best of terms, the job is a wide and pleasant one. I live with him, in his tent, so our food and things (if you will continue to be keen on such rubbish!) is as good as the Hejaz can afford. Personally I am more and more convinced that it doesn't matter a straw what you eat or drink, so long as you do not do either oftener than you feel inclined. It has been very cold down there lately: the thermometer one morning was down to 500 which struck us as rather serious!

The war in Arabia is going on very well: the Arabs are very keen and patriotic, and the Turks are beginning to get really frightened. I hope to write a better letter tomorrow: this is only a scrawl to catchthe mail.


Source: HL 333-4
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 9 January 2006

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