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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

Savoy Hotel


Another letter - and as usual an absolute blank. I have come to the conclusion that as I do nothing but work, and the work I cannot tell you about, that there is precious little hope of my ever having anything to say. If you could see Mr. Hogarth some day he would be able to tell you what I am at... but short of this there is no obvious means.

I enclose a stamp or two. We have also got out half-piastre values and I hope to get out the ¼ piastre in two days time. I hope to send Arnie a few more later. They may be valuable some day, for I am not printing many, and have taken steps to prevent any dealers purchasing them in bulk. You have no idea what an enormous and profitable affair the stamp trade is. Things in Arabia are not going too well. I hope that they will not go too badly though! The enclosed drawing is very good. I hope Arnie will be able to keep it up. His last letter contained some points of interest.

(a) Lucretius is most of him rather dull, with insets of marvellous fire or beauty, which look the more wonderful for their setting.
(b) Lucan no good at all.
(c) [Seven words omitted] Things are not so bad at all.
(d) I have a "good deal" to do with the Balkans!
(e) No maps of Aegean: plenty of the Turkish coast when you get as far as that.
(f) So called Lemnian Athena head is a very poor thing. Egyptian work never touches Greek. I have a very beautiful Athena seal which I will send you some day.
(g) I fear I cannot get home.
(h) Cheque enclosed will buy you 3 Loebs, and please send me the Greek Lyrics. I am just printing a rather interesting map, showing physical relief, and names, in one. It is done by combining wash and hill-shading in colours. A new idea, and I am pleased with the effect obtained.


Source: HL 328-9
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 2 January 2006

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