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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

General Staff - Intelligence Section
General Headquarters
The Force in Egypt

 January 1916
[possibly 29 January*]

A huge scurry this week. I have left writing till too late.  Miss Bell went to India yesterday. Have been very busy lately working at the camel-trade in Arabia, and on several other points. Will try and write a letter next week. This week my head has been a compost of wool and pulp; horribly cold weather.


Staff re-organisation ended: we stay as before, but have to do more work: one new man is added: name Deedes.


I don't think I ever told you who "we" are

(i) Colonel Clayton - Chief.
(ii) Capt. Deedes - Suspects.
(iii) Capt. Cornwallis - S.W. Arabia.
(iv) Capt. MacDonnell - Tripolitania.
(v) Capt. Graves - Turkish Army.
(vi) Major [unclear: Engleton or Engledon] - Censor
(vii) Capt. Beaumont - Censor.
(viii) Major Hennessey - Suspects.
(ix) Woolley - French Fleet.
(x) Major Garvice - Alexandria.
(xi) Major Barlow - Suez.
(xii) Colonel Jennings-Bramly - Ismailia.
(xiii) Armbruster - Enemy Trading.
(xiv) Rider -             "         "
(xv) Capt. Hadkinson - French Fleet.
(xvi) Capt. Stirling - Port Said.
(xvii) Myself - Maps.

There are a lot of others.


*Editor's note: See Gertrude Bell's letter to her father of 28 January.

Source: HL p. 313
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 January 2006

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